USS Sellers


Sellers must:

  • Live within Ugborough or any of our neighbouring parishes, including Ermington, Holbeton,Yealmpton, Ivybridge, South Brent, North Huish, Modbury, and Cornwood.

  • Additional parishes may be considered – please see contact information at the top of this page.

  • Be a cottage industry, or sell their produce at source only

  • Not have established High Street type retail premises or similar

  • Display your name, and contact information with your wares at all USS events. Contact information could include an address, telephone number, website, and/or email address.


General Terms


USS is not a seller, and as such is not responsible for any item sold by any seller. Sellers must take every reasonable measure to ensure that their produce is of a satisfactory quality.


Sellers of food products should ideally hold the Food Safety Level 1 Certificate awarded by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

(USS run occasional training courses to qualify producers. Attendance at one of these or any other similar course is recommended.)


USS are keen to encourage all local people to become sellers. There is no age restriction for sellers, although we do ask that children below the age of 16 are given adequate adult supervision.


Access to the village hall for USS events will be from 8.45am on the morning of Ugborough Sustainable Saturdays. The events will run from 10am until 12 noon. Sellers must ensure that they take with them any unsold items.


Any assistance to help the USS Group to set up before each event, and/or clear away afterwards would be very much appreciated. Sellers should complete clearing up and the removal of any unsold items or associated materials by 1pm at the latest.


Sellers can take space as frequently as they like – from every fortnight to just once in a while. Sellers will be asked to give an indication as to which events they wish to attend. This assists USS in setting up the space and ensuring as far as possible that sellers have as much space as they need.


Sellers will not be allocated individual stalls, but will be allocated either Craft or Produce – they are encouraged to share space available at any given event. In practice this means that space is at a premium at some events, when sellers may have to compress their wares into a smaller area than they would ideally wish. USS will endeavour to provide further stall space at events where there is a higher than usual demand.


USS will request that all sellers disclose their takings to the USS Treasurer/Acting Treasurer at each event. This figure is required firstly for charging purposes. It is also required to evidence the contribution that USS is

making to the local economy. No individual sellers takings will be either publicised or disclosed to any third party individual or organisation.



Once turnover exceeds £10 at any USS event, sellers are charged £1.50 to attend. For takings over £50 there is a charge of £3.  USS will review charges from time to time. However, USS is a not-for-profit organisation, and any such charges will be kept to an absolute minimum in order to encourage trade.



                                                                                                      January 2018


If you have any questions please contact the USS team 

Tel: 01752 898799

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