Who Are We

Greener Ugborough Parish is a new sustainability group to collate ideas and encourage and support action towards making the wider community of Ugborough, Bittaford and the smaller hamlets in the Parish more sustainable. 

See here for information on lowering your carbon footprint.


A community where it's easy to live sustainably*


Events Coming Up:

Film Night - SAVE THE DATE - Saturday 7th November at 8pm –

G-UP are hosting  a Virtual Screening of 2040 - details here of this opportunity to connect through inspiring and topical online viewing! 

G-UP now has a steering group of seven members, with an ambition to help all Ugborough Parish members to achieve their visions of a more sustainable and connected community. We are Faith Matthews, Vici Hemming, Rowan Martin, Caroline Martin, Jane Johns, Jackie Andrade, Ashley Todd. Eleanor and Lucy Andrade May represent youth voices. Our role is to facilitate community green projects, for example by helping to research what is feasible, advertising projects via the G-UP website to recruit helpers, and drawing down funding where available. We aim to have two to three projects actively running at a time, with a mix of easy wins and bigger, more ambitious projects, as well as a schedule of talks and events that everyone in the parish and beyond is welcome to attend.


So far, G-UP has planted trees, discussed community energy projects, worked with transition town initiative PL:21 on plans for a safer cycle route between Bittaford and Ivybridge, set up recycling schemes for crisp packets and pens, pulled up invasive Himalayan Balsam, and hosted talks on waste reduction, carbon footprint and climate change. We would like to do much more! Please get in touch if you have ideas for projects that would support G-UP’s mission of enabling dialogue, reducing carbon emissions, creating community green spaces, and promoting community cohesion and well-being.

We’d like G-UP members to form ACTION GROUPS around areas of interest or projects that will have a positive impact and meet our G-UP aims, whilst being achievable. We have a long and rich list of project ideas generated by us all over recent months to consider!

Please let us know which of these ACTION GROUPS you’d like to get involved in:


  • Wildlife and Biodiversity

We’ve secured trees from the Woodland Trust ready for next planting season and are looking for more suitable land to plant on in the Parish!


  • Waste reduction and recycling

We are exploring ways to form a ‘repair and share’ network locally and how to best support local shopping and independent businesses.


  • Transport, Energy and Renewables

We are investigating the potential of Community solar panels and possible local footpath improvements to aid transport links.


We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are mildly curious to know more or raring to get started on your own green project. We would also like to hear from you if you have land for tree planting in the Parish. We have the trees coming via The Woodland Trust!

*meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations

to meet their own needs

During lockdown we have had time to enjoy the beautiful world around us. The plants and animals have made the most of the peace and quiet.


Near Ivybridge




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