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Ugborough Wildlife project

We are using the easy iNaturalist App for our citizen science project to record wildlife in the Parish. You take or upload a photo of something you have seen , then click the 'what did you see?' button and the app identifies it for you automatically. It is amazingly good at doing this but there is human event too. In a few days typically, other wildlife spotters will check your photo and confirm or correct the identifications Your recording is now 'research grade'.When you create an observation, the app automatically uses your phone or camera's GPS tag to locate it. The Ugborough Wildlife project collates all the observations that fall within the parish boundaries, from Ludbrook to Avonwick, Ugborough to Redlake, allowing you to see what else has been spotted and what might be just around the corner from where you are now.

We would love as any people as possible to use iNaturalist to record the plants animals, fungi and even slime moulds that they see while out and about in the parish. It's a great excuse to get out exploring Ugborough's footpaths and lanes or even identifying the bugs and weeds in your own back yard. You can could up a ;picture of what you have seen as the seasons progress, and test your knowledge of local wildlife. Your observations will help G-UP to create a thorough record of the Ugborough parish wildlife and discover if there are vulnerable species or habitats in the parish that we could do more to protect. They will also be important for measuring progress on our biodiversity projects.

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