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Wildlife Pond

(without fish)

Adding a pond is one of the best things you can do for wildlife in your garden. Loss of ponds is linked to a huge decline in wildlife, from frogs and toads, to waterholes and insects

Bog garden or permanent wet area

A permanently damp area attracts moist-loving plants and a host of different wildlife. This may be a better option for families with young children, while still attracting things like frogs and toads.

Water for hedgehogs

A shallow dish of water of water can be a hedgehog life-saver especially during hot weather.

Bird bath

birds need water for drinking and bathing. Water is particularly important during the winter when natural supplies may be frozen and in dry hot weather during the runner when water can be hard to find

Save water and use a rain butt

Save money on your water bill by collecting rain water. Many plants, including house plants, prefer rain water to tap water.

Water for Bees

Bees sometimes need a drink. A shallow dish of water with a few stones in the bottom will provide a safe source of water. If you have a pond then shallow margins will allow bees to drink safely. Mason bees also need water to make mud to seal their nest holes

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