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G-UP Projects

These are some of the community initiatives we've undertaken since launching in the Autumn 2019

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Waste and Recycling

Ugborough now has collection points for these hard-to-recycle waste streams:


Crisp packets (any brand) – collect these at home in a bag like the pic and then drop them in the monster wheelie bin located inside the corner gate at Hillhead Farm. You can drop off small amounts at USS, or if you’ve children at the school they have a collection box in the dining hall which children can also use.


Writing instruments (any brand or pen part) – drop your dried-up pens in the collection box at USS or via the school if you have children that attend. 

Crisp packets and pens are being recycled via Ellie’s Fund – a charity for Brain Tumour research - click here for details.


Brain tumours kill more children and people under 40 than any other cancer, yet receive only 1% of cancer research funding each year. Through this charity, business sponsors pay for various specific waste streams and this money is donated to research into brain tumours via BTRS and a UK based laboratory, in memory of 14 year old Ellie, who sadly died of a Brain Tumour in 2010. These posters show what can be accepted. 


Currently on hold

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Thanks for submitting!

Tree Leaves

Tree Planting

Over 4 planting days we planted 550 trees across the Parish

working with Ugborough Primary School to involve pupils and plant a large portion of these on the school site so they'll be able to see them flourishing in years to come.

Many thanks to Ashley Todd, David Johns, Suzanne Dix, The Woodland Trust and Ugborough Primary School.


We got stuck in to removing Himalayan Balsam, an invasive weed species that smothers native plants and has started to make itself at home in local hedgerows.  This may need to be an annual activity to keep it at bay – so please let us know if you spot any before it spreads!

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25 by 2050

A workshop series designed to help households significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. With the vital support of David Roe, we've set the ambitious target of a 25% reduction by 2025. An initial 14 participants will pilot the programme, with a view to sharing their experiences and any lessons learnt to the wider community as we progress.

public talks

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