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Greener Ugborough Parish (G-UP)

How you can help make an impact:

Contribute to the Devon Carbon Plan!

Devon’s Net-Zero Task Force are inviting practical ideas on how we can rapidly decarbonise our community from all Devon residents.  Suggestions will be analysed and sorted and go through a ‘hearing’ process – eventually leading to a draft Devon Carbon Plan next year, which aims to, “Set out a clear road map of what we all have to do to ensure that Devon becomes net-zero and continue to thrive”.


A cross section of practical ideas is needed to ensure a workable net-zero plan which will affect us all. To have a say in how Devon deals with the Climate Crisis in practical terms click through to the form on the Devon Climate Emergency Website.

See Here: Devon Climate Emergency 


In the UK the average family throws away 22% of their weekly shop (worth £800 per year). Sharing unwanted food is an easy way to reduce waste (and make good friends with your neighbours)! You may be interested to try the App OLIO which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.  Yo can also put out request for things you need and donate cosmetics, household cleaning materials etc which would otherwise be thrown away..  The more people who use it locally the more effective it becomes.

See Here: Olio 



Cost save and reduce emissions by lift sharing. Car share Devon is a great resource for organising this.

See Here: Car Share Devon

Organic Compost
Previous events:

What can you do about your C02?

Saturday 18th January

12:15-13:00 after USS in Ugborough Village Hall

Greener Ugborough Parish welcomes David Roe in a public talk

highlighting how we might determine our carbon footprint and practical steps we can take to reduce it. 


The Rubbish Talk - A Journey Towards Zero Waste Living

Saturday 29th February

12:15-13:00 after USS in Ugborough Village Hall​

G-UP welcomes Sarah Allen, mother, teacher and writer, who will share how she has reduced her household waste down to one wheelie bin every 6 months (for a family of 4). Sarah will give an honest insight in to how she’s achieved this, likely obstacles and helpful tips for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. 


A Nature Detective’s Walk of Ugborough with Stephen Fletcher.

Saturday 14th March

12.30 meet in the square

Get a glimpse into the hidden lives of Ugborough’s wildlife by learning to read the clues they leave behind. 


Weather, Climate, Change - a public talk. 

Tuesday 10th March

8.00pm Ugborough Village Hall

Find out about the basics of weather on the small scale, how that informs our understanding of Climate more broadly and what impact we are likely to see here in the coming decades.

Moths, Bats and Wildlife after Dark - 2nd and 3rd July


Meet at Brackenhill Glamping, Ugborough PL21 0HQ


Parking at Ugborough Square or Hillhead Cross

Saturday 2nd July 9:30pm to set up the light trap and see what it attracts, use a bat detector to find out what's flying and discover what wildlife comes out after dark.

Sunday 3rd July 10:00am to check what is in the light trap - not just moths!

Himalayan Balsam Removal - 18th June 3pm

Meet at Hillhead Cross Ugborough

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native invasive species. It looks pretty but it out-competes our native plants and reduces biodiversity. Pulling the stems before they flower is the best way to remove it and ITS EASY because it doesn’t have deep roots.

Families Welcome – children must be supervised by parent/carer.


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