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Bittaford is located within the parish of Ugborough and is included in Dartmoor National Park being on the southern edge of the Moor. 


The village is divide into two parts by the striking Railway viaduct- a stone structure which replaced the original Brunel timber viaduct.   (photo credited to Ruth Sharville) .
















   Bittaford on the Tithe map of 1842

Bittaford Methodist Church.

Services are held every Sunday at 10.30 except every 3rd Sunday of the month when our own Minister

Rev. Ralph Ward is holding a 2.30pm Service. Every Thursday we hold an hour Bible study and follow it with Tea and Fellowship. Every Friday morning 10.00 till 12.00 there is Green Pasture drop in Cafe with a safe place for children to play.

The Church hall is available for rent on a hourly basis any other time. We have a small tea kitchen with plenty of crockery and cutlery. or anyone who is interested please call Jutta 01752 698381 and have a look on our facebook.

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