The Restoration of the Church Bells in 2018

In February 2015 one of the bells cracked and after three independent inspections it was decided that the bells needed to be totally refurnished.  Fund raising was started, church permissions gained and the project was underway.  Three years later on 12th March 2018, work was started to remove the eight bells and the process was completed by the arrival of the bells to Taylor Bellfoundry in Loughborough on 16th March.  The bells will now be melted down and re-cast.


The bells were removed by local self-help under the guidance of Andrew Ogden, the bellhanger from Taylor.  Once the bells were on the church floor, they were moved by trolley to the church step where Chris Winzer of CWEngineering moved them using his telehandler to a large lorry supplied by Charles Reade of Riverford Transport, who then transported them to Loughborough. 


Due to the fantastic support of the local community the bell restoration fund currently stands at just over £90,000.  This has been raised by holding a flower festival, an auction of promises, two ‘big breakfast’ events, and other fundraisers.  Donations, sponsorship from local business, and various grant giving bodies has swelled the coffers, as well significant donations from local families for the new inscriptions on the bells.  There will be a flower festival in September to celebrate the re-dedication of the new bells.

And so the bells fall silent over Ugborough

The bells of old have been taken away

To Taylors foundry in Loughborough

But will return, recast, to ring another day

The photos here shown the process of lowering and removing the bells courtesy of Peter Whittaker.

The bells are are now at Taylors Bellfoundry in Loughbrorough awaiting re-casting.


Near Ivybridge




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