During lockdown we have time to enjoy the beautiful world around us. The plants and animals have made the most of the peace and quiet.


All face to face activities are currently suspended due to Covid-19.

Watch this space for details or contact us to be included on the email list or Whatsapp Group.

Greener Ugborough Parish is a new sustainability group to collate ideas and encourage and support action towards making the wider community of Ugborough, Bittaford and the smaller hamlets in the Parish more sustainable. 

See here for information on lowering your carbon footprint.


Amidst the uncertainty of this unprecedented time we're trying to identify any changes that we've made to cope with the present situation, that could make a positive difference to our environment and community if we stuck to them once we've beaten Covid-19.

One idea that might bring the community together and have a positive environmental impact by continuing the 'make do and mend' philosophy is to hold a Repair Café. These are free events that are about repairing things (together). If you think you have any repair skills that you could lend as an expert volunteer then please get in touch. And in the meantime please don't throw any broken items away!


Near Ivybridge




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