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What is the Ugborough History Group / Association?

Ugborough Local History Group was founded by Merryl Docker in the 1990s for the collection of an Ugborough archive of photographs and documents. It has grown steadily ever since with regular monthly meetings of like-minded people enjoying all aspects of local history: from moor to coast, villages, naval and religious facts. fables, myths and mysteries

When do they meet?

Monthly meetings from September to Summer with the AGM in May and a summer walk in June ending the season. Most meetings are in Ugborough Village Hall on the last Wednesday of the month. Click here for events.

What have they done?

Please click on this link to see a programme of previous events



Meetings are (normally) free for members and £1 for anyone else. Membership for the current year is just £5. New members are always welcome. Contact us for details on how to join or click here for to fill in a membership application form.